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Anchorage Main (907) 569-2842
Laurie Downing President 339-8848
Lisa Elliott Operations Manager 339-8829
Amber Brophy Business Development 339-8830
Sheron Patrick Business Development 339-8841
Escrow Team
Escrow Fax   569-2843
Stephanie Kiefer Anchorage Escrow Manager/Escrow Officer 339-8822
Karen Goentzel Sr. Escrow Officer 339-8821
Cristy Nugent Sr. Escrow Officer 339-8855
Rachel Brassard Commercial Escrow Officer 339-8837
Amber Golay Jr. Escrow Officer 339-8831
Vicky Harrell Lead Escrow Assistant / Assistant to Cristy Nugent 339-8834
Liz Kowal Escrow Assistant II / Assistant to Rachel Brassard 339-8839
Brooklynn Spooner Escrow Assistant II / Assistant to Cristy Nugent 339-8852
Esther Maka Escrow Assistant II / Escrow Processor 339-8833
Grace Hanneman Escrow Assistant II/ Assistant to Karen Goentzel 339-8850
Korina Durousseau Escrow Assistant II/Escrow Processor 339-8845
Title Team
Title Fax   929-8029
Janelle Keller Title Manager/Commercial Title Officer 339-8862
Jenny Carty Commercial Title Officer 339-8853
Debra Mirando Policy Typist 339-8844
Samantha Bouasri Title Officer 339-8832
Becky Smith Title Officer 339-8827
Kim Birotte Title Officer 339-8826
Thomas Villers Title Officer 339-8820
Title Support
Hanna Dickinson Title Assistant 339-8838
Taylor Stokke Title Assistant 339-8856
Helen Hoffman Title Assistant 339-8846
Eagle River Branch Main (907) 622-2842
Eagle River Fax   622-2843
Darcy Ellingboe Escrow Officer 622-2850
Stacey Cates Title Officer 339-8825
Kendall Fuller Escrow Assistant II 622-2851
Dru Stinson Escrow Assistant II 622-2852
Wasilla Branch Main (907) 352-4000
Wasilla Fax   352-4001
Sue Wolfe Branch Manager / Business Development 352-4003
Roxanne Turcotte Title Officer 352-4013
Cassie Benedict-Monnens Escrow Officer 352-4015
Katie Jolliffe Escrow Officer 352-4014
Maria Estes Title Officer 352-4012
Wendy Yardley Title Assistant 352-4017
Erin Hodgson Escrow Assistant II 352-4007
Michelle Dunn Escrow Assistant II 352-4006
Julie Nolde Internal Audit 622-2865
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